Digital 2011: Bangladesh

Bangladesh's low levels of urbanisation may be the key reason for the nation's low level of internet penetration, and even mobile phones have only recently passed 50% penetration.

However, things are looking promising for the Bangladeshi internet, with penetration levels jumping 80% in 2010 alone.

Although accurate internet user numbers for the country are hard to come by, the latest figures from Facebook suggest that this rapid expansion has continued through 2011, with the number of registered users on the platform exceeding the total number of internet users by more than 20% (we believe this is a data recency, issue rather than a peculiarity of the Bangladeshi digital landscape).

Meanwhile, figures from SocialBakers suggest that this growth may even be accelerating as we move into 2012, with the number of Facebook users growing by around 7% each month (that's more than 140,000 new accounts every 30 days)

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This article first appeared on the We Are Social Blog.