Digital 2011: Pakistan

The most striking finding in Pakistan's digital landscape is that mobile doesn't appear to be the driving force behind the country's internet revolution, at least for the time being.

Indeed, fewer than 20% of Pakistan's internet users log on via mobile devices.

Pakistan's netizens also appear to have been reluctant to embrace social networking, with barely one quarter of the country's internet users having registered on social networks.

There may be a number of reasons why popular international platforms don't fare as well in Pakistan as they do in neighbouring countries, but it's unclear whether these are the sole causes for the current low levels of social network penetration.

However, we anticipate that Pakistan's netizens will soon adopt a preferred social network, and we expect to see a significant rise in the number of social media users in the country during the course of 2012.

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This article first appeared on the We Are Social Blog.