Digital 2011: Thailand

Thailand's young population has been seizing the opportunities that the internet brings them, and – as with their Southeast Asian neighbours – they’re doing so predominantly via mobile devices. 

Research from Nielsen indicates that 36% of Thai internet users access the web via mobile devices in late 2011, but this ratio is considerably higher amongst younger demographic groups.

This is perhaps unsurprising in light of mobile statistics; Thailand's mobile penetration rate is in excess of 100%, but nearly three quarters of Thai mobile subscribers are under the age of 24.

Overall internet penetration sits at just 27% of the population, but data suggest that those who use the internet prefer it above all other media. For example, Thailand's internet users spend more than 50% more time online than they do watching television.

Social networking is one of the most popular online activities, with 85% of all netizens visiting social media sites at least once per week. Watching video follows close behind, with 82% of net users streaming or downloading video content each month.

The Thais are also Southeast Asia's biggest gamers, with 60% of internet users playing online games several times each week.

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This article first appeared on the We Are Social blog.